Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese, by Anna Clark and Tony Solomon

Anna Maes Mac n Cheese

In the depths of winter and in times of need, who ya gonna call? Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese, that’s who.

Look, I’m acutely aware of the fact that the deliciously cheesy comfort food that is mac n cheese is not in any way a wholesome dish, but some days it’s really the only thing that will do. Plus, there are salads and smoothies at the back of the book and the recipe I favour most has kale in it, so swings and roundabouts.

I should probably disclose that I’m one of those annoying vegetarians you hear asking for changes to menu items at the table beside yours (‘Is it possible to have the chips without the duck fat? No? Okey dokey.’), so there’s a chunk of recipes in Anna Mae’s cookbook I won’t be attempting any time soon. But, having whipped up a few of the meat-free options in this colourful celebration of food and festival culture, I can tell you the ‘Glastonbrie’ and the ‘F*ck Yoga’ dishes are spot-on for those in need of comfort food stat. And aren’t we all that person from time to time? Remember kids, mac not crack.

[Square Peg, Penguin Random House, 2015]


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