My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

My brilliant friend
Fellow book lovers, by now I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘Ferrante Fever’ – and by George, I’ve got it. In fact, glancing around the tube on my way to work, it seems everyone in London’s got it – women, men, children (but realistically, probably not too many children).

This book is one of those reads that could make a writer want to throw in the towel – just because it’s so damn good and you’ll never be able to write anything anywhere close to its level. The way reclusive Italian author Elena Ferrante crafts her characters, their relationships and the world they inhabit is so authentic you’ll believe you’ve stepped, in your locally made leather shoes, in to a grittier bygone Naples. The love-envy-love-hate-love relationship between leading ladies Lena and Lila is utterly captivating and, as the two women grow older, we watch the worlds around them change significantly.

Clear your reading calendar; the first of The Neapolitan Novels will have you reaching for the following three in the series.

[Europa editions, 2015]


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