Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big magicSometimes those pursuing creative projects can feel a little isolated, and even guilty (particularly when working on less social endeavours). Enter Big Magic, a tome composed by a person whose enthusiasm, knowledge of, and knack for creative living is unparalleled: Elizabeth Gilbert.

I have to be frank; I haven’t read Lizzy’s other best-selling books. Eat, Pray, Love and its follow-up, Committed: A Love Story, just haven’t topped my to-read list yet. I have, however, viewed with eager interest Ms Gilbert’s lectures on creativity, which I assure you do not make you feel like you’re being sold protein shakes (as many motivating speeches tend to feel to me).

So, when I saw the much-celebrated author had released a book on the topic I had to get my grubby mitts on a copy. And, as it turns out, this book is just the boost any person who wants to up their creative game needs to read. Right away. In her wonderful way of wording things, Elizabeth Gilbert lets you in on her secrets, tips and philosophies on the creative process. I won’t give them away, but if you’re looking for a sign to keep doing the creative things you’re doing: this book is it.


[Bloomsbury, 2015]


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