House of Plants by Caro Langton and Rose Ray

House of PlantsWhile some folk are destined to become cat people in their senior years, others are more likely to become plant people. I for one hope to be in the latter category (mostly for the sake of my sinuses). I picture a much older version of myself, silver-haired, naturally draped in white linens and wearing a wrist-breaking amount of bangles, tending to my jungle of indoor plant children. I imagine Joni Mitchel will be singing in the background and my personal yoga instructor is on his or her way over for our daily session. If this sounds at all reasonable to you, you’ll probably enjoy House of Plants.

Plant parenting is harder than it sounds, and all too often your once-resplendent pot plant will wind up shriveled and sad on your sill. An icky brown memorial to your failures. In good news, Caro Langton and Rose Ray have put together a beautifully curated collection of tips, advice, DIYs and ideas for keeping your in-house jungle happy and green. The photographs of Erika Raxworthy make this a swoon-worthy coffee table book too.

Lazy person tip: buy this book for your partner or housemate and your garden will look great in no time.

[House of Plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray, photography by Erika Raxworthy, published by Frances Lincoln, 2016]

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