12 Edmondstone Street by David Malouf

12 edmondstone street by david maloufLiving abroad, your sleepy thoughts often take you on a momentary trip to the place you’ve come from. For me, that place is Brisbane, Australia. And, my favourite author of all time (big call, I realise) just so happens to be Brisbane-born author David Malouf.

Having already read a large number of this lauded author’s works – including his poetry collections, essays, novels and even his unpublished, scribbled-on, type-writer-punched-out manuscripts that live in the Fryer Library – and having little space in my suitcase bound for London, I packed this little book that I had not yet read between my novelty jumpers.

After reading my fair share of London-based stories, I decided it was time to pick up 12 Edmonstone Street. Set in a street where South Brisbane meets West End, a street I’m certainly familiar with, this work provides a detailed tour through the childhood home of Malouf – and his personal memories associated with items throughout it. Needless to say, I sank deeply into its prose and loved every moment. This is a lovely commuting read for the Brisbane ex-pat abroad, a West End resident, or a David Malouf fan club member.

[Vintage, 1999]


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