Lunch Lady magazine

Hello Lunch Lady
My own magazine aside (plug alert: it’s called littleWren magazine!) I don’t think I’ve ever clutched a more visually satisfying publication between my grubby mitts than Lunch Lady. I really can’t put to words how gorgeous this quarterly gathering of goodness is. Kate Berry, its founder, is a new level of clever clogs.

I have to confess, the price tag on this one was a little high for this London-rent-paying lass, especially because this is a magazine aimed at parents (mostly) and I am not a parent. But, believe you me, there is so much greatness between those brightly hued covers that I’d (probably) pay more for the recipes alone. Plus, it’s a hefty thing you’ll want to keep forever. I feel like it’s a much bigger sister to littleWren.

Filled with ideas for edible deliciousness, wondrous tales, personal stories, flawless design and a pleasantly acceptable level of advertising, Lunch Lady is worth every penny.


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