Self.Styled by Anthony Lycett

Self.StyledSent to me by the lovely folk at Quarto Books, London, Self.Styled by Anthony Lycett is a celebration of creative expression – an energetic, vibrant, inspiring collection of portraits and interviews from people around the world whose style speaks louder than most.

Based on the concept of sartorial exhibitionism, Anthony Lycett’s work favours diversity, creativity, freedom, and, above all, fun. As a fairly gaudy (but not quite so daring) dresser myself, I became lost in the beautiful photographs of this gorgeous book. I even discovered a woman (painter Ewa Wilczynski)  wearing items I have hanging in my own wardrobe. The majority of garments on parade in this collection might be best described a ‘wearable art,’ but there is certainly ideas to be adopted for everyday wear throughout.

Some familar faces popped up in my line of vision: Dame Zandra Rhodes, Fred Butler, Sue Kreitzman and Gustav Temple, to name a few. But, via the pages of Self.Styled, I mostly loved discovering the everyday people who dared to be different. A male accountant in pearls paired with satin skirts, a freelance legal consultant in old-school British get-up, and a booking agent in the most incredible vintage wares.

[Quarto Books, 2016]



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