Looking at Mindfulness by Christophe Andre

From the first chapter, some books are the type you know you’ll insist your friends and family read – and that you’ll revisit when they’re done. Looking at Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art by Christophe Andre is precisely this type of book.

As a keen mediator and a (fairly naive) lover of art, this collection of lessons sparked my interest from the get-go. Using one timeless artwork in each of the book’s 25 chapters, the author (a French psychiatrist and meditation teacher) guides his reader to understand how we might observe lessons within paintings that encourage us to live in the present moment. For a project-a-holic with a racing head, these lessons are invaluable.

Whether a calm mind comes naturally to you, or you’re the type who requires strict meditation routines to bring your attention back to where you are, the chapters of this book will be useful, practical refresher courses in being mindful. With original perspectives, many years of research laid out in simple fashion and practiced techniques to try, Looking at Mindfulness will help you to live a more accepting, calm and aware existence.

[Penguin Random House, 2016]


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