Taste by Laura Rowe and Vicki Turner

There are some people in this world who carry around an insane amount of information on a specific topic in their seemingly normal-sized heads. They’re the types you want around during pub quizzes and games of Trivial Pursuit. Somehow, Olive Magazine’s editor Laura Rowe’s brain seems to contain infinite knowledge about food, its origins, its best flavour combinations and general fun facts related to its consumption. Her incredible work, created in collaboration with Vicki Turner, Taste: the infographic book of food, is testament to this.

For those who absorb information better with the aid of pretty visuals, rather than heavy chunks of text, infographics can be rather fetching things. If you’re a foodie who loves a good infographic, you’re set to have a great time flicking through this rather large tome, which is split into comprehensive (dare I say, digestible) sections. It’s visual appeal is just the beginning … you’ll soon be quoting facts at the dinner table with the arrival of each dish. This one’s a fabulous coffee table conversation starter.

[Aurum Press, 2015]


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